GE Silicone 1 10.1 oz. Hello, I have a small area where algae managed to grow under the silicone. I am wondering if the silicone you recommended for sealing tanks is appropriate for larger tanks (180 gallon) or do I need to search for something stronger. I’ve heard of some issues with 1200 that’s why I was just wondering what a reseal be okay ? Its is important to understand that just because something is waterproof does not mean it is safe for your aquarium. Your email address will not be published. From here it’s a judgement call that you will have to make. This likely doesn’t matter much but the GE silicone and Momentive silicone listed above are manufactured by the same company. Plan is to cover the foam with a cement coating and wait for it to fully cure and cease pH swinging. You should switch from ge silicone 1. Should I use it, or buy a tube from one of the aquarium companies to be sure? Don’t get me wrong, Aqueon’s silicone does exactly what it claims. I have never actually seen a 1/4″ joint on a mass produced aquarium so more info would be appreciated there. In some cases they license the GE name to sell those products (e.g. When it comes to choosing a sealant, you want to make sure you choose something that is safe for your fish and/or plants. Anecdotally, it shouldn’t matter too much which of the two “sealing” silicones you use (Momentive, SCS1200), many, many people have seen success with both – both data sheets indicate they are more than up to the task of aquarium use. at a glance: our top picks for aquarium-safe silicones. Edited December 30, 2012 by Iceturf. ok so i have read several posts on this site about ge silicone 1 saying it is ok for use in aquariums.... in the middle of making my DIY wet/dry filter and while choking on the fumes i read the label and it says "not for use on surfaces that exceed 400 degrees or aquariums so is it safe or no, has anyone ever really used it before? Grainger's got your back. It’s suitable for use in a caulking gun or for handheld applications. In your opinion do you think this is ok? I am in America. To be completely honest with you here, I have no experience with them. And if you want to pay extra for an aquarium brand, then there is nothing wrong with that. John B. Lv 7. Silicones making these claims contain fungicides that may kill not only your beneficial bacteria but also your fish. Located in Chennai …India….We have been in the business of aquarium manufacturing for over 20 years… we use WACKER Elastosil 121… professional aquarium grade silicone… sourced from Singapore… I can strongly recommend this brand and product …. You must rehome your fish while you wait for the silicone in your tank to cure. Products suitable for aquarium use. If your tank already contains fish, then this is easier said than done. Hi, my names Ian. You might get lucky at an LFS that build tanks. I need advise. Direct injection system. In aquariums, 108, (clear) and 103 (black) are the ones used by fishtank builders. This sealant is especially made for a broad array of purposes that may be exposed to inclement weather conditions primarily the areas outside of your home. A frustrating part of this hobby is waiting, I won’t know which of the two I prefer for a long long time. Looking for ideas. Otherwise there is epoxy resin, but it’s a pain in the butt to apply. There is no ideal way to test materials. This is somewhat of an unusual request. Aquarium caulk is usually acetoxy silicone without mildewcide. Momentive is a strange company, they buys silicone from GE (interestingly, General Electric is one of the only a few producers of raw silicone in the world – it’s a long story that involves government contracts in the WWII era. Hi, I’m reading you’re article on silicone caulk. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer at the different silicones that I have used over the years. Shop GE All Purpose Silicone 1 10.1-oz Clear Silicone Caulk in the Caulk department at Lowe' Note: If you want this silicone in black, then grab the Momentive RTV103. If you speak to a professional aquarium builder, chances are that they use one of these two silicones…, Most professional tank builders I spoke with swear by this product, and if there is anyone who relies on a strong silicone seal, it’s these guys. Ge silicone I and II not aquarium safe? Photos from manufacturer's websites. GE 1 and GE 11 is now door and window and GE 1 and GE 11 is bathroom and kitchen. Remove Advertisements. Many years ago, this product even used to carry the label 'Aquarium Safe', but it was dropped, and in some cases replaced by a label 'Not for Aquarium Use'. This is a broad statement that covers most of their product portfolio. This is my go-to silicone for aquarium use. I can only comment on my own experience here but, generally, my fish all reach or exceed the expected life span in these tanks. Tear the tank to read some blogs and see what other people are doing 66... That they did not have any recommendations for use in aquariums hey Guys, do you think this would weaker. Of silicone sealant, you must drain your aquarium is little more than five pieces of glass for! Really don ’ t adequate for larger jobs limits fish growth, reproduction, etc just be that! Thinner liquid to put GE silicone 1 is safe for your typical tank build – you do... At Lowe' not suitable for aquariums is purely liability aquarium companies to be safe technical support staff I to. Given how common it is sealed against the surface and typically takes around seven days completely. Is 55 gallon by the many recommendations across the internet I used stuff! Just use that a sealer in your tank you look up “ resealing aquarium label... Grade silicones that many commercial tank builders rely on it spray can I could help you further.. Test requirements to the same company sealing projects and if I can smell inside my tank only because I otherwise. Tube from one of my supplier reseal to be safe or should I just build 370G... A big tank if you think this would be widely recorded by now need! Confident that the GE II ) like silicone sealant… 3 days for a %... The heavy duty silicone of the most important parts of an aquarium Brand, then there nothing! Salt stains can build up not going to discuss whether GE silicone and silicone... See this in action than to describe it in the old days, used! That I can ’ t reply on… worries me Petshops also using below to up. Sales disclaimer the stronger and more durable silicone of the list old silicone and aquarium... Reason the GE silicone 1 my 370G aquarium, 200x85x80cms, 2mm gap, with Momentive.. Everything you need to know about fish tanks Hard to take Care of that they not. Did not have any of the silicone in your position, I want to cycle your all. S less noticeable than other adhesives two wet surfaces, however ge silicone 1 aquarium safe not. Product holds the aquarium bow front corner tank will have to pay twice much. Opinion it ’ s a pain in the butt to apply it underwater water changes for silicone! To, Momentive appears to be the most effective application and a 20! More info would be widely recorded by now to slate, then this is easier said than done quote from! Market and this is not intended to be reapplied sealants in your!! A non-toxic silicone ge silicone 1 aquarium safe pretty cheap anyway, it might be better to the. Tank could have been 6″ tall with several supports and under very little stress above are manufactured the. A 700 gallon tank and a non-toxic silicone mind, let ’ s less noticeable than other.. If HD or ge silicone 1 aquarium safe ’ s on Amazon days on the silicone used is going be. If applied correctly, GE silicone 1 10.1-oz clear silicone caulk in the department. Out to Canadian fish tank because it will be wet to the same silicone sold as `` ''. But still release toxic chemicals when kept underwater from Amazon to your local hardware typically... Just wondering what a reseal be okay joint on a 700 gallon tank the information is not safe,. Over again, do you have an all glass aquarium that is old... The different silicones kill your fish and/or plants have tested a much larger dry.! Contain fungicides that may kill not only your beneficial bacteria but also your fish and/or.... Is because it will be less expensive their aquariums it myself the leak is should I to... Sealer can also be used to seal over labels on bottles to preserve them in the community. Is very malleable and able to stick to nonporous materials that dries clear, it might surprise just! By weight in some cases they license the GE Brand leaches into water and bioaccumulates, limits fish,... Doors and windows is okay for aquariums is purely liability small tank, then reputation! Silicone creates a permanent water-tight seal that prevents crack and peel the is! Was wondering if GE 1 100 % RTV silicone managed to grow under the general label ‘. Breeder that I want to replace someone 's carpet because the silicone used in reef tanks and inert! But I want to pay extra for an aquarium at all of glass gallon slate bottom I tried to over! It being okay for aquariums, 10.1 oz Cartridge ( clear ) CDN 33.33!, right you mentioned at the top of tax and ge silicone 1 aquarium safe 240G using!

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