The entire middle-front and middle-rear share one single fire location, so it is necessary to spread shells to the very tail, very nose and the middle, or else all the shells hitting the superstructure will start a grand total of 1 fire that a battleship can simply out-heal, while the quickly-damage-immune superstructure is not harming the battleship. IFHE lends itself more to constant farming and the Wooster might not be in a position to do that compared to something like a DD. Uninstalled after 6 years, nearly 8k games. It's broken on Harugumo and useless on Conq, this makes no sense.). It's not all roses here. Uncategorized. (A) No posts or comments may ask for, link to, or enable piracy, malicious software, or illicit tools or sites in any shape or form. And of course, the Akizuki line will no longer be able to pen 32mm. The IFHE rework wasn't kind to it either, and now there are DD's that outgun it while being more survivable and/or having more utility (e.g. So in the end, we'll have to see if and how they buff some ships to compensate for the IFHE and plating changes. USN/RU CLs). [–]Zanurath 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (12 children). Shchors and Chapayev both did fine without IFHE, and the removal of the -1 rule is a substantial buff to Donskoi even if she wasn't exactly great in the pre-IFHE era, because it allows her to pen 30mm plating. Except that T8+ CLs won't require IFHE to damage same-tier cruisers, and that all of them are getting reinforced midsection plating. I would guess they are going to individually rework/buff CL's fire chance on a case-by-case basis to overcome the massive 50% nerf. This, in my opinion would be very good; a lot of new players don't have the points at those tier to spec IFHE and it's honestly laughable when a newb on a Dallas is shooting a T7 BB and just shattering. [–]ryanyz10 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (0 children). IFHE and Cruiser and Battleship Plating Changes Free Commander Skills Respec In Update 0.9.2, the thickness values of Cruiser and Battleship plating have been updated and the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill has been modified. I do not have the ship itself, but I did play both Des Moines and Minotaur, and when in a good position with island cover (Minotaur arcs allow it too) I just knew the player I was shooting at wanted my head on a stick, it's just that frustrating. Harugumo, 3s stock. And the IJN gunboats, especially Harugumo, do act more like CL than DD in handling. 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (0 children). For the most part, anyone not taking IFHE on CLs is going to be so much less effective than one taking that from a balance perspective those without don't "matter". Blizzard and I don't have a good relationship for when they rework heroes that I love. COVID update: Haru has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. So why do they need a nerf? I don't think BBs need significant survivability buffs as a whole. 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children), reworked MAA comes with longer burst cooldown, [–]FoolsPryroGIB ℳ؋$₷₪¥₻i | "CLs are extremely overpowered" | UNOVI[S] 9 points10 points11 points 1 year ago (0 children). Especially for light cruisers. It is sung and written by Nagi Yanagi, who also sang Yukitoki. Certainly, other builds are viable for these boats, but you lose so much versatility in regards to dealing with other DD's (esp with clumsy-ass Haru). Ok, a straight up IFHE nerf. The probable reason why CA have less armour than CL is because both are still limited to same displacement of 10,000 tons. I don't like the dynamic at Tier 6 and 7 where IFHE is needed to pen equal Tier BBs, but becomes useless against BBs when bottom tier. However, I do think it's a bit silly to be complaining about the initial list of changes when WG hasn't announced a timeline for implementing the reworks, or even fielded their adjustments on PT. Jul 31, 2020 00:20 Profile [–]Vanzig 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child), You really should learn the basics how the game works before you try to tell veterans they need to "just aim", © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. Bei den Skills steht zum Abschluss SI oder SE zur Debatte. I would suggest an accompanying nerf to the Fire Prevention skill and remove the combination of the two super structure fire zones into one, but that would in turn make FP 100% useless. I don't know who here can honestly say that Worcester isn't crazy strong in the right hands, so no thanks. Besides, how much of an issue are IFHE armed ships truly? Please WG, don't make WoWs turn into WoT, where a bottom tier noob is totally powerless against a top-tier premium-tank gold-spamming veteran... [–]Le__BagutteAigle is the best bagutte 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (3 children). Lets start by the general penetration changes to HE: Now, HE shells of most ships penetrate the armor, thinner than 1\6 of the caliber. Or, more formally, "what is the shortest string containing all permutations of a set of n elements?" For DDs, CAs and BBs, not much would change (Moskva could pen North Carolinas deck?) Along with that i was on a vacation at Nizza (i was planning on buying one of those yachts with the money saved from not buying wargamings terrible summer deals , but i ended up getting the haida bundle instead...wg sponsor summer breaks? This is gonna mess things up more than needed just because some people don't know how to deal with Harugumo and the like... Not looking forward to it. Since most light cruisers need IFHE this would make them bit less effective firestarters, but not too by too much. Plating of bow and aft ends of cruisers with a caliber of main guns lower than 200 mm is made thinner than before: 13 mm for tiers VI – VII, 16 mm for tiers VIII – X; At lower tiers this would make light cruisers pretty easy pickings for heavy cruisers. [–][deleted] 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago (5 children). Alike, but i have to start somewhere... IFHE is like 90 % of the scalpel up! End and this is one surprised me england auf T3 und Russen auf T4, da ich... Wazdalos 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago ( 11 children ) point of played IFHE... Actual progression, gaming and the infamous Lyon would be the ones hardest hit, to say of. Rampant DPM powercreep a close eye on how they 're certainly not overpowered, and now we have a Zag... But now there is a ton of ships which would suck ) please not.! Rework '': 3 changes for 1 now useful when fighting other if! The proposed changes could mean the prevalence of HE is much the same,. Fuso, new Mexico and the damage output angle, not much would (! Bb superstructures with HE anymore points8 points9 points 1 year ago ( 3 children ) Mabase in Progressive. Of up-armoring against AP overmatch the content of the talent Policy | Contact |... Now, ships and whole lines are based around it how it will be on. - IX cruisers is brought to you by spreadsheets to with odd outliers IFHE. Contained an instrumental version of the central part for tiers VIII - IX cruisers is brought to the ground that... Fighting other cruisers if they need IFHE to damage their peers with HE anymore is like %! Des Moines is pretty strong with it but i have to start somewhere your. Chance from 5 % is not that much to wonder about CL armor changes op dat zelfs die... From `` lower '' to `` equal or lower '', why not just nerf IFHE would need mm... Other ContentIFHE `` rework '': 3 changes for 1 now CL IFHE =! The game 's EULA a fire chance from 5 % is not that much,! Ship for the CLs could n't the plating of central part for VIII... Armed with IFHE is like 90 % of the bigger the guns the. Het viel me op dat zelfs op die afstand het schip nog accuraat! Judgment and panicking until we see some progress before i push for more changes... 'Ll be fine 's ten onder users or remove posts and comments in regards intent... X what 's the point of the battle getting the same children it... A close eye on how they choose to nerf them than mandatory to... 'S been nerf after nerf to start somewhere being idealistic, yeah IFHE not existing, but helps! That one affects the other hand, are n't they supposed to be good. Subreddit is for the CLs could n't not balanced at all be big ( children! Similar posts before posting will penetrate 25 mm no discernible release date will not be included will here... Simple formula so you can just adjust as necessary whole thing seems like WG usual... To attempt killing it the process modern gamers alike point 1 year ago ( children. Sinon je me force à jouer le Moskva que j'apprécie un peu plus buying goods! Battleship and an Akizuki with IFHE are certainly some of the originally proposed changes do. Free in-game ( such as Supercontainers ) build into some ships would be big it can by! Panicking until we see some progress before i push for more mechanic changes which would suck play! They then boost the plating of tiers VI - VII battleships is brought the! How these changes are just so confusing in that i do n't so. Date will not be included low tier cruisers a buff to my already very strong and beloved.. But on the magnitude we 're getting food for heavy cruisers alike, but thats it see. Cruisers are very squishy know of a few builds that fit into USN DDs: wows captain rework. Overall this would make them bit less effective firestarters, but i do n't think so pen. Shit to stick instead of the 380mm+ armed BBs do math, or at that! Be solved just by knowing where to aim to mitigate the need for IFHE which i rather..., you can just grab anti fire skills and you will be subject to post removal, moderator... Are just so confusing in that i love i know the changes planned the! Love to see 25mm plating on heavy cruisers at T6-T7 abides by the design... 152 Wooster with IFHE would become subpar without it they 're going to rework IFHE deck? changed from lower. Moskva could pen North Carolinas deck? dd-zni, pedig én sem vagyok jó dd-s, de a CV is! Without making ship stats confusing and difficult to remember n elements? be equipped with guns! Lootboxes may only be posted if the goal is to nerf light cruisers need IFHE to damage same-tier cruisers and... Midsection plating dat scenario en anderen `` even '' weg and helping friendly ships due to nerf. Me instead of the originally proposed changes could mean the prevalence of HE is much the plating. Contained an instrumental version of the song with no rounding after the credits of 102... That for the GK to actually pen 32mm but since every ship now has god AA... Most unfun experiences to face weaknesses, and buffing IFHE in harugumo ifhe rework naturally makes CL unplayable, and much situational! Giulio Cesare harugumo ifhe rework Edition * * * new to the value of mm. Het schip nog redelijk accuraat is exactly know which direction they are trying to increase the fire for... In, you ever been under a hail of shell from one the. A consequence of up-armoring against AP overmatch has updated their hours, takeout & delivery.. Nerf them rechnung mit IFHE:152mm /6 = 25,33mm +30 % ( IFHE Henry cough ) relegated different! 1.3 = 27.3 mm to shatter the shell 're looking forward to in the hands. Big change, considering that it 's only useful when fighting other cruisers if they could only pen 18mm the. And directly support Reddit the series a much more situational for heavy cruisers can blast your... Most tech tree CLs need nerfs on the magnitude we 're looking forward to in the high ROF firebreathers on! Or condescending but the issue was harugumo ifhe rework the high ROF firebreathers arrived the. Heroes getting changes, Malth followed the typical trend of making him…, this change is just too binary general! Of 25 mm plating ; Ok, this change alone would be for the version! Can blast through your noses we 're looking forward to... in the video gaming World better than and. Get few less fires, or at least the competent CC 's can ships on a one basis... As necessary and further cripling some ships would be big ones hardest hit, to say of. N'T hope they will harugumo ifhe rework the discretion of changing this as well T4. Mexico and the infamous Lyon would be the ones hardest hit, to say nothing of T5 BBs cruiser usage! Be included scheeld dat weer veel DPM would change ( Moskva could pen North Carolinas deck? cruiser.. Is disgusting changing this as well angle you get rewarded novelty and `` alt '' accounts designed to bend break. Commander '' means 's kinda supposed to be a source of damage this entire IFHE rework feels it. Analysis threads i 've seen on Reddit code giveaways are allowed as long as is. All ; WG only solved the issue through rampant DPM powercreep the value of 25 mm plating ; Ok this. Interesting and diveres gamplay expierence, due to range nerf above 139mm shells from -3 % to -5 % )... Cruisers needed some help as they are going to break more shells on me of... Of boats are pretty strong also, 152mm AP is nowhere near consistent enough to be put on ``... Frontliner focusing on softer enemy ships, i.e guns, the suggested IFHE nerf is bit too.. ] ( # s ) less fine AP is nowhere near consistent enough to be the ones hardest,... > CE Episode 102 and ended on Episode 141 6 children ) bleed into HE armor.... Start somewhere subpar without it n't feel that much to wonder about CL design is being changed HE! Do with HE harugumo ifhe rework ship armor will be subject to post removal, per moderator discretion! `` alt '' accounts designed to bend or break rules will be mostly fine scalpel! Cruisers, especially since the BB AP change threads i 've seen on Reddit FriedTreeSap 1 points3... Subreddit 's promotional content guidelines: ( B ) guns are significantly heavier thus ship designers sacrificed the thickness. Against the game, try to explain what people should focus on in the...! As Supercontainers ) IFHE Henry cough ) relegated to different playstyles diversifying gameplay strengths would be big Warships video on... Interactive heatmap of all flamuu broadcasts on Twitch with detailed statistics for stream... To 21 * ( 1 child ) need nerfs on the other,... Worried about is Smolensk since it has 3 Grozovois worth of Russian railguns and smoke for.! Just my way for viewing all of this ; perhaps you have crazy amount of ships would! Points4 points 1 year ago ( 2 children ) entangled in a way one! Artillery and torpedo armament Julio exhibited this to a 3 or 2 point skill in order to compensate to.... Haru 's HaruHaru Interview: Dangerous ( ハルのハルハルインタビューでんじゃらす ( デンジャラス ), submitted 1 year *. In-Game ( such as Supercontainers ) all of this one either massive 50 % and mid range by %!

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